This post has absolutely nothing to do with the title, I just read it in the TV guide and felt like I had to share it. It also gives me hope that we might maybe get a topless scene, because if not that’s one misleading (if entirely accurate) description of Aidan Turner.

In typical ‘single teenage girl’ fashion, I spent yesterday evening curled up on the sofa with crisps and popcorn, watching Pride and Prejudice with Matthew Macfadyen as a truly stunning Mr Darcy, and Keira Knightley playing yet another Miss Elizabeth (and wow! She’s had some pretty awesome leading men). Sorry. Sometimes all you need is to watch a classic love story which manages to be both gorgeously sweet and hilarious at the same time. Is the scene in the rain at the temple of Apollo at Stourhead meant to be so funny? Possibly not. But I’ve stood there. I have stood in that exact spot and now I want to find a guy and persuade him that we need to have a shouting match there just to entertain passers by. Would anyone stay to watch? Maybe.

And (unless I somehow managed to miss it (would that even be possible?)) they didn’t even kiss. Now that is the perfect romance. They don’t need to make out on screen for you to know how much they love each other. Wonderful. Now I’m off to lament the fact that I will never have a Mr Darcy of my own (or a Will Turner, or a Ross Poldark, or basically any one).