I may or may not have taken issue with a certain something my head teacher said in assembly this morning. He said that students who hadn’t got into the Sixth Form had done so because they hadn’t worked hard enough.
I can’t agree with that. One of my best friends made the decision to go to a different one, but I am certain that had she wished to she would not have got in. And she worked so hard. She worked as hard as I did maybe harder, but she still wouldn’t have got in.
There are others I could mention, who did wavy to get in, who worked to the best of their ability, but who just didn’t get the grades.
And I know too, that there are people attending at the moment who did not with that hard. Maybe out comes easily to them, maybe they just happened to only be assessed on the bits they had revised. They still did well, and they got in. Maybe these are the people who say all they’ll do at university is party. Maybe they’re the ones who forget that homework, cheek the teacher, and yet still get the grades.
I was lucky this time. I worked harder than I had ever worked before and it paid off. But I know that next time I may not be so lucky.
Some people are naturally charming.
When I am faced up against these people for university places, for jobs, will the fact that I have worked hard protect me?
It didn’t protect my friends.