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A Word to the Wise

If you're going to watch RENT, for heaven's sake make sure you don't watch it alone. Even if - or perhaps particularly if - you think you can handle it. I knew, approximately at least, what it was about, and... Continue Reading →


A Promise and a Tangent

I'm making myself a promise today. I am going to go to London, and I am going to go to the theatre and watch Les Misérables, and I am going to do it before the year is out. And I... Continue Reading →

Now taking book recommendations

So exams are over. I repeat: exams are over. So now I can breathe a massive sigh of relief, take a deep breath, and dive into trying to catch up on my reading challenge (I also have a short story... Continue Reading →

The (many) Problem(s) with Collecting Books

I collect books. This was, for the most part, accidental. I like owning things, I like owning pretty things, and this has ultimately manifested in my owning: Three physical copies of The Picture of Dorian Gray (and one kindle edition, but... Continue Reading →

Rant and Rave: Closed-book exam edition

General warning for completely understandable and not-at-all excessive swearing. I am fuming. I am absolutely outraged. Michael Gove can go and take his own fucking GCSEs and see what he thinks about his fucking reforms then. Some context: For those... Continue Reading →

Poem: Lavinia

It's a poem. I swear it wasn't mean to turn out like this, it just kind of happened (this, apparently, is where my mind goes when the prompt is "secrets"). The title is horrific, mainly because it was a replacement... Continue Reading →

Encore! Encore!

Excuse the terrible title: exams are melting my brain. Now you may or may not be aware of my recent return to enjoying musicals (I spent nearly five minutes trying to work out how to phrase that), but it's a... Continue Reading →

First of all: yes, I know I should be putting this in the group chat-I do plan to, but I'm a coward so that hasn't happened yet. So... Voila! Tada! I have purple! (The picture is very bad, but such... Continue Reading →

Here I Go Again…

(I would like to apologise in advance. This is one of those things which I enjoy far too much, and actually I've changed my mind. I am completely unapologetic with regards to my frankly embarrassing love for and excitement about... Continue Reading →

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