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Poem: Lavinia

It's a poem. I swear it wasn't mean to turn out like this, it just kind of happened (this, apparently, is where my mind goes when the prompt is "secrets"). The title is horrific, mainly because it was a replacement... Continue Reading →


Encore! Encore!

Excuse the terrible title: exams are melting my brain. Now you may or may not be aware of my recent return to enjoying musicals (I spent nearly five minutes trying to work out how to phrase that), but it's a... Continue Reading →

First of all: yes, I know I should be putting this in the group chat-I do plan to, but I'm a coward so that hasn't happened yet. So... Voila! Tada! I have purple! (The picture is very bad, but such... Continue Reading →

Here I Go Again…

(I would like to apologise in advance. This is one of those things which I enjoy far too much, and actually I've changed my mind. I am completely unapologetic with regards to my frankly embarrassing love for and excitement about... Continue Reading →

Review: everyday sexism by Laura Bates

Reading this is like being kicked in the stomach. Built around the thousands of responses to Bates’ “Everyday Sexism Project”, this work combines the personal testimonies of women around the world to the degradation, abuse, and discrimination that they face,... Continue Reading →

A big mistake?

Well I mean yes. Potentially. There is, somewhere, a list of the attributes one should look for in the literature one reads after a week of exams. Included on this list, presumably, are: Fewer than 1432 pages long. Not translated... Continue Reading →

Procrastination is a girl’s best friend

I'm meant to be revising for mocks right now, and as such am in the library "working". In this case, working means rotating agitatedly between maths, physics, random obsessiveness (seriously, you do not want to see in my mind at... Continue Reading →

And the award for most upsetting film goes to…

Les Misérables. Yeah. Maybe this isn't so surprising if you've seen it before (if you haven't, you should leave now: first to watch it, and second because I'm incapable of not ruining it for you). Les Mis (what? I'm lazy)... Continue Reading →

Letter: “Say that one more time. I dare you.”

*I just want to put a warning up here because I'm furious about this, and I have directly quoted this guy a couple of times. It's deeply upsetting to me, and I don't know how other people are going to... Continue Reading →

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