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2018 Reading Challenge

Less than twenty books to go before I reach my reading goal for this year (and yes, I know that 109 books is a really bizarre number, don't ask why I picked it)! Anyway, in celebration of being nearly there... Continue Reading →


Powerless, and holding my breath

Fair warning: what follows is a huge amount of deliberation which ultimately comes to nothing. If you want to read 600 words worth of ramblings and unfinished thoughts, go ahead, if not then don't worry about it. I'll probably delete... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of the Fence

As promised, my latest piece of writing (actually written several months ago but we don't need to talk about that). Enjoy! The fence at the bottom of the garden was old. It was riddled with holes, to the extent that... Continue Reading →

Untitled: Unwritten

I'm trying to write a poem. It isn't going well, as evidenced by the fact that I'm blogging about it rather than actually writing the damn thing. I'm throwing myself into uni, because I'm incapable of doing things halfway; what... Continue Reading →

So I'm planning something for a friend's birthday. She's asked for a copy of my quote-unquote "collected works". But I need a title. So if you happen to have any suggestions for the title of a book of amateur writing... Continue Reading →

What do you mean I can only take five?

I'm currently packing for university, which means I have to decide which books to take with me (I'm not a big fan of ebooks so 95% of my books are hard copies). If you know anything about me, you'll appreciate... Continue Reading →

Summer days…

... drifting on by So much for posting more often! I have genuinely been really busy this summer though: I've started writing again (post soon to come and I swear I'm not lying this time), I've dyed my hair, I've been... Continue Reading →

A Word to the Wise

If you're going to watch RENT, for heaven's sake make sure you don't watch it alone. Even if - or perhaps particularly if - you think you can handle it. I knew, approximately at least, what it was about, and... Continue Reading →

A Promise and a Tangent

I'm making myself a promise today. I am going to go to London, and I am going to go to the theatre and watch Les Misérables, and I am going to do it before the year is out. And I... Continue Reading →

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