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Now taking book recommendations

So exams are over. I repeat: exams are over. So now I can breathe a massive sigh of relief, take a deep breath, and dive into trying to catch up on my reading challenge (I also have a short story... Continue Reading →


The (many) Problem(s) with Collecting Books

I collect books. This was, for the most part, accidental. I like owning things, I like owning pretty things, and this has ultimately manifested in my owning: Three physical copies of The Picture of Dorian Gray (and one kindle edition, but... Continue Reading →

Rant and Rave: Closed-book exam edition

General warning for completely understandable and not-at-all excessive swearing. I am fuming. I am absolutely outraged. Michael Gove can go and take his own fucking GCSEs and see what he thinks about his fucking reforms then. Some context: For those... Continue Reading →

Review: everyday sexism by Laura Bates

Reading this is like being kicked in the stomach. Built around the thousands of responses to Bates’ “Everyday Sexism Project”, this work combines the personal testimonies of women around the world to the degradation, abuse, and discrimination that they face,... Continue Reading →

A big mistake?

Well I mean yes. Potentially. There is, somewhere, a list of the attributes one should look for in the literature one reads after a week of exams. Included on this list, presumably, are: Fewer than 1432 pages long. Not translated... Continue Reading →

It’s that time of the year…

*do not read unless you want spoilers for His Dark Materials. I started rambling. I'm sorry* ...when I start getting really excited about the prospect of getting new books!!! And right now, Philip Pullman's "La Belle Savage" is right at... Continue Reading →


I like to experiment with writing. Possibly a little too much. I've written from every point of view (2nd person is fast becoming my favourite though-it makes me think more about who my characters are); I've written in past, present,... Continue Reading →


start with something simple. pressure=force over area. the smaller the area, the greater the pressure exerted on the other end. it's the small things which hurt the most i think. the petty things, like make-up and shaved legs and all... Continue Reading →

Review: Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

First off I have to admit that I broke my rule on this one, and watched the film first. I know. It's horrific. But it got me into Discworld which can only be a good thing in my eyes. So,... Continue Reading →

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