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Poem: Lavinia

It's a poem. I swear it wasn't mean to turn out like this, it just kind of happened (this, apparently, is where my mind goes when the prompt is "secrets"). The title is horrific, mainly because it was a replacement... Continue Reading →



I like to experiment with writing. Possibly a little too much. I've written from every point of view (2nd person is fast becoming my favourite though-it makes me think more about who my characters are); I've written in past, present,... Continue Reading →


start with something simple. pressure=force over area. the smaller the area, the greater the pressure exerted on the other end. it's the small things which hurt the most i think. the petty things, like make-up and shaved legs and all... Continue Reading →

Writing inspiration: pick a word, any word

I've been spending a lot of time lately by procrastinating. EPQ? Who cares? Writing? What's that? I have spent hours pinning fantasy inspiration pictures and prompts on Pinterest (you can find here) and I haven't written a word. Writing prompts... Continue Reading →

This is just to inform the world that not only am I finally writing again, but I am writing a same-sex dark soul-mate story for the magazine. Not that I'm trying to push at the confines of Catholic education or... Continue Reading →

Through the Looking Glass

Stand in the mirror, and see the spots: deep, angry splotches, and fleshy pits which mar the skin on your back. Scratch. Scratch. Blood wells up, and you pull on your shirt, smearing it with pain which only fades in... Continue Reading →

Iago the Union Man

You all know Iago. Eternally portrayed as a jealous conniving monster, I cannot help but feel that he has been hugely misrepresented. The Iago I see is a man, downtrodden, his good nature abused by his superiors, who is forced... Continue Reading →

Writing Comprehension

I try not to sneer. I really do. And, most of the time, I succeed. I didn’t roll my eyes (much) in English, when I appeared to be one of two people who cottoned on straight away. I don’t make... Continue Reading →

Editing down

So I'm currently writing a review for The Children of Húrin, and I'm very easily bored, so I've been flicking through my notebook. This starts all the way back at a review for Amy and Roger's Epic Detour, and continues... Continue Reading →

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