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start with something simple. pressure=force over area. the smaller the area, the greater the pressure exerted on the other end. it's the small things which hurt the most i think. the petty things, like make-up and shaved legs and all... Continue Reading →


Much Ado About Shakespeare

This might sound slightly weird, but how the hell do people find out about plays? That didn't make sense so I'll try again. I get that I can just find out about (probably mainly) Shakespeare plays by looking at theatre... Continue Reading →

Iago the Union Man

You all know Iago. Eternally portrayed as a jealous conniving monster, I cannot help but feel that he has been hugely misrepresented. The Iago I see is a man, downtrodden, his good nature abused by his superiors, who is forced... Continue Reading →

The name game

I am currently taking suggestions for the name of a blog written by either Roderigo or Cassio (Othello (I'm indecisive okay)). So far I've got nothing because I'm ridiculously uncreative like that, so any ideas would be welcomed with open... Continue Reading →

Three guesses as to what this one might be about! They have Titus Andronicus in the school library. Titus. Andronicus. They don't have Love's Labour's Lost or The Winter's Tale, but they've got Titus bleeding Andronicus. Rape, mutilation and cannibalism?... Continue Reading →

No. Just no.

When it comes to English, this is what I have become. I mean, obviously I'm no Kinnear, but the general idea remains the same. At least, I like to think so!  

Whispers from the Stands

So I don't know whether or not I mentioned this, but at the beginning of the holiday I entered a local short story competition. Now, my Dad told me that there was no way I would win it three years... Continue Reading →

Shakespeare Live!

Did anyone else watch Shakespeare Live last night? If so, what did you think of it? Were there any actors who you wish had been involved? I will answer these questions in due course if I can find anyone to... Continue Reading →

New books and other stuff!

I went into town today and I came back with maybe one or two unplanned purchases. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I've just spent £30 on assorted Hobbit stuff, and my mum hasn't stopped giving me weird looks.... Continue Reading →

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