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A Promise and a Tangent

I'm making myself a promise today. I am going to go to London, and I am going to go to the theatre and watch Les Misérables, and I am going to do it before the year is out. And I... Continue Reading →


Rant and Rave: Closed-book exam edition

General warning for completely understandable and not-at-all excessive swearing. I am fuming. I am absolutely outraged. Michael Gove can go and take his own fucking GCSEs and see what he thinks about his fucking reforms then. Some context: For those... Continue Reading →

Procrastination is a girl’s best friend

I'm meant to be revising for mocks right now, and as such am in the library "working". In this case, working means rotating agitatedly between maths, physics, random obsessiveness (seriously, you do not want to see in my mind at... Continue Reading →

Letter: “Say that one more time. I dare you.”

*I just want to put a warning up here because I'm furious about this, and I have directly quoted this guy a couple of times. It's deeply upsetting to me, and I don't know how other people are going to... Continue Reading →

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