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Encore! Encore!

Excuse the terrible title: exams are melting my brain. Now you may or may not be aware of my recent return to enjoying musicals (I spent nearly five minutes trying to work out how to phrase that), but it's a... Continue Reading →


Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the wonderful, the charming, the quintessentially British, Newt Scamander! Newt is a hero unlike any I have come across before: he is beyond selfless, he spends maybe half of his conversations staring at... Continue Reading →

Review: Red Rain by Ricky Pine

I first read this *gasp* on Wattpad (a dark period of my life, don't ask (so much bad fan fiction (I'm permanently traumatised))) and it was one of the few works which I truly loved. This, found on Swoon Reads... Continue Reading →

Happy Hobbit Day

And I'm celebrating by making a list of all the film soundtracks which I'm dying to get hold of. Classical soundtracks blur the line between traditional and modern music, as they tend to be more recognisable. I love Mozart, but... Continue Reading →

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