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Moving On

Can’t speak

My little sister turned thirteen today. Aside from making me feel old and jealous (she got loads of Harry Potter stuff), she reminded me a lot of myself. Getting Facebook, that's what I did the evening of my thirteenth birthday.... Continue Reading →


Poem: Ode to an English Deadline

Today I gave up English Lit. I cried. I cried all through break, part of the way through physics, then teared up again when I went to thank my other English teacher. In my free period (sorry! Independent study period)... Continue Reading →

It hurts

Maybe you didn't mean to hurt me. But when someone asks if anyone remembers me, and the first thing you say is that I was weird, I don't know how it can be meant in any other way. I know... Continue Reading →

I am not a Nazi What do people judge me for? Where do you want me to begin? You judge me for my hobbies, my talents, my personality. You've never liked the violin. You can't get into fantasy—you never read. You don't understand how... Continue Reading →

You’re Leaving

For Beth: You’re leaving. And I can’t believe it’s true. You’ve been my other half for three years now; My best friend, the twin I never had. Three years of happiness, Three years that I never wanted to come to... Continue Reading →

In Dreams

So school is putting on another production. A Midsummer Night's Dream is open for years nine to thirteen, but I won't be auditioning. Years ago, I dreamed of acting. To me being up on stage seemed like the best thing... Continue Reading →

Poem: How Many Years?

I don't really know what to say about this. Maybe I'll just dedicate it and leave a message: This one's for Akari. It didn't work out, but I don't regret our friendship. Five since I met you, Since we first... Continue Reading →

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