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start with something simple. pressure=force over area. the smaller the area, the greater the pressure exerted on the other end. it's the small things which hurt the most i think. the petty things, like make-up and shaved legs and all... Continue Reading →


  We don't dress up at school for this. Personally, I think that this is basically a tragedy, so I did fine liner tattoos on my arm from three of my favourite fantasy universes.

All I want for Christmas

Is neither my two front teeth or you. My Christmas wish list (or at least some of it!) complete with pretty pictures and a soundtrack!   As well as about twenty more books and other film merchandise. And all... Continue Reading →

And how many films can you think of with giant walking trees?

Quoth I to my sister on Sunday afternoon. Tired, bored, and in need of a four-hour fangirl session, earlier in the day I had commandeered the middle room and curled up to watch The Two Towers Extended Edition. This, oddly... Continue Reading →

Review: The Children of Húrin by JRR Tolkien (edited by Christopher Tolkien) Probably the most readable of all Tolkien’s lesser known works, The Children of Húrin is deeply disturbing and tragic in a manner which almost rivals Macbeth (I select Macbeth because it’s the only one of the great tragedies which... Continue Reading →

T-minus Six Days

I just realised that I don’t have any Harry Potter themed jewellery. Lord of the Rings? Sure. Harry Potter? Not so much. Not at all. Which is really quite upsetting. The only Harry Potter related memorabilia I own is in... Continue Reading →

Mortal Engines Film!!!!!

Peter Jackson is going to be producing and writing the script for a film adaptation of Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve (aka one of my favourite books of all time!)! It's going to have tonnes of Lord of the Rings... Continue Reading →

Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

I have a confession to make. This was my Grittleton House read, and I've had this review half written for months. And it's been sat in my notebook gathering dust, because I wrote it by hand and typing it up... Continue Reading →

Happy Hobbit Day

And I'm celebrating by making a list of all the film soundtracks which I'm dying to get hold of. Classical soundtracks blur the line between traditional and modern music, as they tend to be more recognisable. I love Mozart, but... Continue Reading →

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