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Don’t React

  Don't react. Don't react when he calls you a liar. Don't react when he insults your intelligence. Don't react when he kisses a worksheet before giving it to you. Don't react. And I wonder; why are we perpetuating this... Continue Reading →


It hurts

Maybe you didn't mean to hurt me. But when someone asks if anyone remembers me, and the first thing you say is that I was weird, I don't know how it can be meant in any other way. I know... Continue Reading →

I am not a Nazi What do people judge me for? Where do you want me to begin? You judge me for my hobbies, my talents, my personality. You've never liked the violin. You can't get into fantasy—you never read. You don't understand how... Continue Reading →


For all those who do not have their own voices. This is my pledge to you. There is nothing I can say, which can reflect what is left unsaid. There is nothing I can feel, which will even echo what... Continue Reading →

Letters to a friend: please please please please please. Don’t do that.

If you haven't read a book, don't threaten to use it for inspiration. If someone has brought up a book as an example of something truly horrifying, don't threaten to use it for inspiration. Even when we are jokingly discussing... Continue Reading →

Letters to a friend: A personal apology

"I'm following your blog." I glare at you, willing you to stop talking. It's not that I don't appreciate the fact that people do read my ramblings, it really isn't. It's just the fact that I try to keep my... Continue Reading →

Letters to a friend: On trust

First off I want to apologise if this bit doesn't apply to you. This is my second weepy post in as many days, and there may be more to come, but this is my outlet, and if anyone doesn't like... Continue Reading →

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