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A big mistake?

Well I mean yes. Potentially. There is, somewhere, a list of the attributes one should look for in the literature one reads after a week of exams. Included on this list, presumably, are: Fewer than 1432 pages long. Not translated... Continue Reading →


Procrastination is a girl’s best friend

I'm meant to be revising for mocks right now, and as such am in the library "working". In this case, working means rotating agitatedly between maths, physics, random obsessiveness (seriously, you do not want to see in my mind at... Continue Reading →

New Posts Coming Soon I Guess

Exams are over and Poldark (aka the show I totally didn't start watching because I heard Aiden Turner had a shirtless scene (personally I blame The Guardian)) is back! Life is good.

So yesterday was balloon day. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's basically where a bunch of overgrown children let go of balloons and kill the environment to celebrate the end of school. Kind of. Anyway. It was... Continue Reading →

So why do I do religion again?

Serious question. I've just spent all afternoon doing Christian Ethics revision, and I think that it's had a bad effect on my ability not to be sarcastic. I've been making facetious remarks regarding the 'traditions of the Catholic Church', and... Continue Reading →

Book suggestions

I need new books to read. With exam season fast approaching, I'm finding that I have somewhat less time than I would like for deciding which book(s) to read next. Films I've got no problem with-I've got a list as... Continue Reading →

I feel like the closer it get to my exams, the more often I'm posting on here rather than doing something vaguely productive. Call it what you will (I personally am quite fond of 'procrastination at its' finest') I am... Continue Reading →

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