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Pardon Doctor?

The next episode of Doctor Who is called (no joke) "World Enough and Time". And I'm so confused. I don't know how to deal with the awesomeness I'm hoping for vs the awfulness that line conjures up. Help!


Iago the Union Man

You all know Iago. Eternally portrayed as a jealous conniving monster, I cannot help but feel that he has been hugely misrepresented. The Iago I see is a man, downtrodden, his good nature abused by his superiors, who is forced... Continue Reading →

Poem: Ode to an English Deadline

Today I gave up English Lit. I cried. I cried all through break, part of the way through physics, then teared up again when I went to thank my other English teacher. In my free period (sorry! Independent study period)... Continue Reading →


Every week I make time to watch Poldark on catch-up. Every week. And this season has been really hard to keep quiet about (my parents don't know about it). I'm hoping to avoid major spoilers by not naming names, but... Continue Reading →


Out of all the subjects I do at the moment, there is no question that English is my favourite. I love physics and chemistry, and I need maths, but I adore English with a passion. There is just something so... Continue Reading →

Theatre Review: A Room With a View

I won't deny that I loved it. I really did. I loved it from the bottom of my soppy little romance loving heart. Of course, I also won't deny that some of it was truly awful. Because that's true as... Continue Reading →

No. Just no.

When it comes to English, this is what I have become. I mean, obviously I'm no Kinnear, but the general idea remains the same. At least, I like to think so!  

Love Through the Ages

You know, I think I'm going to enjoy English this year. Today's lessons was surprisingly good fun for one about love, even if I did receive a comment from someone when the topic of celebrities came up. Like I'd ever... Continue Reading →

Crime is a brilliant place to hide

I hate it when I meet teachers outside of school. It's awful. Mainly because I don't know the exact protocol for such a scenario. What is worse though is meeting an English teacher in the library as you look for... Continue Reading →

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