*do not read unless you want spoilers for His Dark Materials. I started rambling. I’m sorry*

…when I start getting really excited about the prospect of getting new books!!! And right now, Philip Pullman’s “La Belle Savage” is right at the top of that (admittedly slightly extensive) list. I’m so excited!!! And so impatient!!! Seriously though, if you mention Philip Pullman to me right now I am liable to start waving my hands and getting overexcited and I will probably scar you so much you avoid me for the rest of eternity, but if you really want to listen to me rant and rave about a book I haven’t read yet then feel free to mention it within like ten miles of me.

So far I’m at chapter seven (if you know what page that starts at please mention it, because I’m making it up for my progress on Goodreads and I feel kind of guilty) and they’re headed (hopefully) to London, and it’s got baby Lyra in and (I think) Dame Hannah and I’m just so grateful to Radio 4 for giving me the opportunity to listen to it now (despite the fact that I generally hate audio books on account of the fact that it’s really difficult to stop and go, “did you just…? Oh my god you did!” and other strange mumblings (that, coincidentally is what I’m going to call my book about reading when I should be studying) when you have to manually pause the book and pray it doesn’t stop half way through a word. It’s also nigh on impossible to do a double take due to the lengthy process of trying to rewind by just five seconds, then having to spend five minutes trying to find your place).

I am also counting on Pullman, at some point in one of the books, finally resolving years of emotions by letting Lyra and Will meet up again, because 12 year old me has some serious opinions about that and 17 year old me still cries at the end of “The Amber Spyglass” (I saw their bench by the way. It was simultaneously wonderful and horrible because I love the idea but kind of wish that the could just live in the same universe and be able to fall in love properly (closet romantic over here) because while I agree that maybe they weren’t really in love, I do feel that their feelings shouldn’t be trivialised because of their age, and that they would easily have fallen in love in a few years time if they HADN’T HAD TO GO BACK TO THEIR OWN UNIVERSES (yep-still bitter about that). Yeah.

That’s it. Rant over. Unless of course someone has a mysteriously unwanted copy of “La Belle Sauvage” which they want to donate to a new home…