I like to experiment with writing. Possibly a little too much. I’ve written from every point of view (2nd person is fast becoming my favourite though-it makes me think more about who my characters are); I’ve written in past, present, and future tense. Hell-I’ve even written in shapes (that isn’t on here because writing in a notebook is vastly easier than trying to format it online (although you should absolutely write something in shapes-it’s actually really good fun and it’s difficult in the best way)). I once wrote three pages in present tense before deciding it would work better in past tense-if you’ve never attempted to change from one to the other then please count your blessings because it is no joke. That was pretty awful.

I’ve experimented and I like to think I’ve found a style that I like. Unfortunately that style is difficult to read, constantly mutating within one piece of writing. One of my friends-who is brilliant and who attempts to help me edit all of my short stories-recently forced me to go through a piece of writing and explain to her which tense I was trying to write in and why, and it was difficult. For me stories exist somehow out of time-or in all times-and my writing reflects that. I start in present tense, but from there I drift. How exactly am I supposed to write everything as happening in the past, or happening now (I wouldn’t dare write an entire story in future tense-I don’t hate myself that much)?

The other issue of course it that I particularly enjoy writing in second person. Guess what? This is also really difficult to read, mainly because it’s incredibly difficult to immerse yourself in a story so deeply that you can accept being one of the characters. I’m not that good a writer (believe it or not I am actually somewhat self-aware!).

So my question is this: what writing styles do you like to use/read? And would you ever read a book (probably heavily inspired by mythology) written mostly in the second person which is in at least two tenses?