It was fun and slightly exhilarating and generally for the first Marvel film I saw in cinema it was wonderful. Peter Parker is like the geeky teenager I try not to show in public, and all he really wants to be is someone important, someone like who he sees Tony Stark as being (note: Peter hasn’t seen Iron Man (film) and has a hard job getting past his hero worship). I feel like a part of him wants to be this awesome superhero, while the rest wants to be a normal teenager, and he’s not quite sure which one he should go for.

So yeah, the film was awesome, the situational humour was pretty spot on, and the ending was incredibly satisfying. Then there was the post credits scene, which was interesting, and then.

Then there was the post-post credits scene. For obvious reasons I’m not going to say what it was, but honestly I feel like I’ve been shamelessly manipulated. Ten, fifteen minutes I waited, and then that? That?

Caps off to you Marvel. Well played.