Don’t react. Don’t react when he calls you a liar. Don’t react when he insults your intelligence. Don’t react when he kisses a worksheet before giving it to you. Don’t react. And I wonder; why are we perpetuating this culture in which it is the victims who must change to protect themselves? Do I refuse to respond when a stranger sometime in the future makes lewd comments because I’m walking down the street in a corset and heels? Do I refuse to react when I’m raped? I pray that this doesn’t happen, pray that this will remain a hypothetical question on a blog, but a question it remains, and one which needs answering. At what point do we tell the perpetrators to change their behaviour? Don’t react.

Don’t make him your equal. Age does not make me better than him. He is my brother, and I will not let him be anything other than my equal, because I refuse to be anything other than his. Don’t tell me that he’s a boy, don’t tell me not to react, and don’t tell me that he is not my damn equal.

Because his gender does not mean that I have to change, just as mine is not why he should respect me. His age does not mean that his words carry less weight, or that they are somehow excusable, just as my age does not mean that I am superior to him

Neither does my gender. I am female. I am a feminist. I am a human being. I am not more important than him, and I will not let to tell me that I am

Don’t react.