First off I have to admit that I broke my rule on this one, and watched the film first. I know. It’s horrific. But it got me into Discworld which can only be a good thing in my eyes. So, without further ado, let the review commence.
Moist von Lipwig (with what is possibly one of the most gloriously awful names in the history of literature) is probably one of my favourite characters on the Disc. Everyone’s favourite conman, he gets thrown into what are quite frankly ludicrous situations, and somehow always manages to land on his feet. And he’s funny. Moist has a self-deprecating attitude mingled with a kind of downcast optimism which really shouldn’t be possible, and it’s just something which made me laugh, both in watching the film, then in reading the book. And Spike! It’s not a relationship which is all there in the first book, but by the third (Raising Steam and what a book it is!) it’s just completely adorable (see what I did there).
I think in many ways it’s one of the most touching books in the entire collection. Because it’s about change, and about self, and it’s about not letting go. When the spirits of the dead live on, are they truly dead? Memory is important. Angels are important. And the second thing about angels is that you only get one.

Or, in the case of Discworld, you only get thirty-nine.

Absolutely one of my favourite films!