So. It transpires that I have missed the one year anniversary of this blog. That’s just so typical! I spent last month worrying that I would forget about it, then manage to do exactly that. So while I’m calling this my one year anniversary, in reality it’s the one year and eight day anniversary, which I invite you to celebrate with me in style!

It’s been a wonderful year and a bit. I have, I know, grown in so many ways. I’m not scared any more. I cannot begin to tell you what a massive thing that is for me. I have a picture of myself at the top of a blog, I have talked to an audience of people I don’t know (mostly anyway, although I do sometimes wonder how it is that like four people I know in real life have found their way over to my little corner of the internet) about things which I would never have dared to articulate last year. If anyone was ever to ask me why they should start blogging, I would tell them that there is no better way to become yourself. Not the person you present to the real world because you’re worried that no one wants to hear about your growing Lord of the Rings obsession, or about the fact that you watched every available episode of Sherlock in the days after finishing your GCSEs, but the person who you would be if you weren’t so bloody embarrassed about it. This blog is for me. And it has taught me so much. I would never talk about most of the stuff I have on here in real life (even in English, where I tend to lose the ability to think before I speak) and I have loved every moment of it. From that first tentative post where I promised myself to be open, to today, where I don’t regret a second of it. Every word has been well spent, every thought a good use of space. And from here I’m just going to keep going. For everyone who signed up to my monthly story thing, this month you’re actually getting one, so be very, very proud of me. For everyone else (firstly sign up, because I’m actually going to make an sorry from now on) I’m going to carry on, try to post stuff regularly, devote a little more time to the creative writing side of things and just generally try to have the time of my life.