ell more specifically about Caspian and Susan. At the end of Prince Caspian, the two of them share what we are going to politely refer to as a moment, which appears to call for hoards of angry internet people baying for blood. Whose? Honestly I’m not sure. But it’s ridiculous. They are teenagers, in a high stress environment. Add that to the fact that this is the first guy Susan has met in like a year who is her social equal (she spent years being a queen remember) and quite frankly it would have been more surprising had they not kissed.

Now I’m not denying that when it came out and I was ten, that I had a little eww! They kissed moment, because I was ten, and when I was ten boys were icky, but now I’ve got to admit that I think it’s quite bittersweet. What you have to consider is that Susan knows she’s never coming back, and that she’s never going to see Caspian again. And so she does something that she would never normally do. All their little moment does is serve as a reminder that for Susan, this is it. She won’t be coming back. Everyone knows nothing is going to come of it, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. Let them have their little romance. It doesn’t affect Caspian’s eventual marriage, nor does it affect Susan’s loss of faith. For me, personally, it works. It’s the final sign that Susan has outgrown Narnia; now she needs to find it in her own world.

And if we’re being brutally honest, they’ve spent the entire film doing this weird low-key flirting, and sometimes you just have to be slightly jealous of fictional characters!