You all know Iago. Eternally portrayed as a jealous conniving monster, I cannot help but feel that he has been hugely misrepresented. The Iago I see is a man, downtrodden, his good nature abused by his superiors, who is forced to go against the laws which make up the only life he has ever known in an effort to overcome workplace prejudice. Here is a man like no other. His life has been unfair in almost every respect, and while that in itself is not uncommon, his brave and ultimately futile fight against this is truly rare.
Passed over for promotion by his boss, while the job he had worked so hard for had gone to his boss’ closest friend, Iago fought to prove that he was better fitted for that line of work, revealing his foe to be weak in the face of alcohol, and too eager to gaze upon their commander’s wife. Young, attractive men are a risk, something Iago knew well, suspecting as he did that his own wife was unfaithful, and even though he was injured, and bitter, he knew that his boss deserved to know the risks. What is that if not the mark of a stellar employee? Can he truly be blamed for what others did after speaking to him?
All this could have been avoided if Iago had only had a place to turn to, someone who was on his side. With the help of a Union, Iago could have got his life back on track, got the job he deserved, and done away with a boss who promotes his friends first. Iago is a Union man through and through and he deserves better than to languish in prison for trying to do the right thing.
You can’t help Iago, but you can help others on his position. Join the fight for the Union today, put money in your purse and stand up for the rights of workers like Iago and so many others.

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