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January 2017

Iago the Union Man

You all know Iago. Eternally portrayed as a jealous conniving monster, I cannot help but feel that he has been hugely misrepresented. The Iago I see is a man, downtrodden, his good nature abused by his superiors, who is forced... Continue Reading →


The name game

I am currently taking suggestions for the name of a blog written by either Roderigo or Cassio (Othello (I'm indecisive okay)). So far I've got nothing because I'm ridiculously uncreative like that, so any ideas would be welcomed with open... Continue Reading →

Letter: My Last Goodbye I first met you five years ago in assembly. I had no idea who you were, or what you would come to mean to me. You were simply another book, another story, riddles in the dark. Two years later... Continue Reading →

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