I just realised that I don’t have any Harry Potter themed jewellery. Lord of the Rings? Sure. Harry Potter? Not so much. Not at all. Which is really quite upsetting. The only Harry Potter related memorabilia I own is in the form of a Slytherin postcard which my sister bought for me. Nothing like the groaning shelf which holds all of my Lord of the Rings stuff (speaking of which: I bought copy number two of The Silmarillion and this absolutely gorgeous illustrated copy of The Children of Húrin. Alan Lee illustrations guys! My only regret is that I didn’t snap up the same editions of the main books at the same time. I’ll try again on Monday.)

And I’ve decided that these are a little too out there for school. My parents would read them. My sister (who I do love because she gave me a Slytherin postcard, but who would mock me mercilessly if she saw these) would read them! Oh the horror!