Today I made a commitment. Not just to myself, but to a hugely dedicated team of people who totally turn up to every meeting and aren’t rushing to complete the school magazine in two weeks. Irony intended. Very heavy irony in fact. Although I did make a commitment to do exactly what I was planning on doing anyway, only the manner of presentation will be somewhat different.

Next Friday (in one week and I’m so excited that typing coherently is becoming an issue!) I am going to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in the cinema! I repeat: NEXT FRIDAY!!! And then I’m writing a review. Of course, that was never going to be enough, so, me being me, I’ve started writing a kind of countdown diary which starts with the heading T-minus Seven Days. Should I include this in my final review? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s turning out to be very much in the vein of what I put on here, as opposed to anything which I would ever willingly present to one of my teachers. But it’s going on here for certain.

And so I present:

T-minus Seven Days

I’ve been excited for a long time. Wizards. In 1920s America. I don’t know whether I’m more excited about the film or the clothes. Would it be really inappropriate for me to wear my cloche hat? Mum says yes, it really would be. Maybe I could buy a wand. That sounds like a great idea. Maybe not at forty-five pounds though. And of course at sixteen years of age, I think I am supposed to have some small measure of maturity.

So no wand.

And no hat (on second thoughts: it’s probably not fair for whoever ends up sat behind me to have to deal with a hat of all things!).

Practicality really sucks the fun out of life. I should just become an antisocial recluse who doesn’t care about anyone else, and only leaves the house once every blue moon (this pretty much describes me to a T anyway).