I vaguely recall telling myself that after my last Poldark themed rant thing, I wouldn’t do another. Yeah. That’s totally going to happen, particularly following that season finale! Wow! As always, don’t read if you don’t want spoilers.

I honestly don’t know what to say. I have so many thoughts racing through my mind, and my fingers are dancing just above the keyboard, but I’m not sure where to start. Should I begin with the knotted piece of leather which Caroline now wears on her ring finger (lovely piece of matchmaking there from Ross if I do say so myself) and the fact that her kind-of fiancé may not be back for years and years? Or maybe with the fact that all is well in the Nampara household, with Ross not running off to war (unlike a certain Doctor we all know) and Demelza appearing to have forgiven him (at least slightly)? Or how about that trailer?

Yes: the trailer. All silent with an abundance of new characters (Demelza has brothers? Hot brothers?) and the promising words: Poldark will return. It had better. Especially after that long shot out over the sea, with Ross and Demelza slowly shrinking into the landscape as the ships sail out to France. How am I going to wait for the next season? How? Although I am slightly irritated that she didn’t make him wait a little longer before forgiving him. I mean seriously? He cheated on you with his childhood sweetheart woman! Obviously I am pleased that I don’t need to want to cry as they alternate between gazing and glaring at each other any more. That was slightly upsetting. Come on! Just be happy again! (as you can tell, I personally alternate between loving and hating the romantic elements of this series). So I’m just going to allow this to gradually trail into nothingness, as you click play and watch the Season Three trailer.