“Such an unmanageable heroine. She WILL do and say things I never meant her to”

Many thanks to Anne Shirley of Avonlea fame for the above quotation. It’s a problem which I face myself: my characters will insist upon changing without my permission, so that what started out as a fairly innocent (I cannot in good conscience omit the fairly) piece of flash fiction for my book has turned into something rather darker involving changelings and murder in the Victorian ballroom. Yeah. I never pretended it made sense. She was supposed to be good and kind, and now she is fiercely loyal and something of a dark queen in the shadows (must use that phrase somewhere at some point) and she just isn’t behaving as she should. And now I’ve got a mini prequel in the works which is actually in faery and which describes why she was chosen to be sent, and I don’t know what’s going to happen to that!

The picture above is, of course, the incorrigible Gilbert Blythe moments before the top of his head becomes intimately acquainted with a slate.