I’ll come straight out and say it: if I had read the book, nothing would have convinced me to go into that cinema. As it was I spent large portions with my eyes closed and my ears blocked. It was just so very Tim Burton. Which I suppose, is hardly surprising, considering that he did direct it. The storyline was superb (if a little confusing at times) and there was a certain pathos at times, which made me want to cry. That too was very Burton and very special, and one of the reasons why this is such a cinematically brilliant film. I would, however, say that it was not necessarily the 12A I expected it to be. It was gruesome, chilling, oddly funny at times, and really not something I would want my younger sister to watch.

The other thing that made me want to cry was the eyes. Anyone who knows we well, probably knows that I have a hatred of eyes which is borders on a phobia. It probably would be, if not for the fact that I’m not scared of them. They just unnerve me beyond belief and reason, and sent my imagination into overdrive, and I do not need to see any of that stuff on a huge screen with surround sound.

Do. Not. Need.

I didn’t sleep very well after watching it.

Despite this, it was a genuinely good film. It played with good versus evil with sci-fi and fantasy and just a touch of steampunk, and it was so very, very, peculiar.