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October 2016


Every week I make time to watch Poldark on catch-up. Every week. And this season has been really hard to keep quiet about (my parents don't know about it). I'm hoping to avoid major spoilers by not naming names, but... Continue Reading →


Mortal Engines Film!!!!!

Peter Jackson is going to be producing and writing the script for a film adaptation of Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve (aka one of my favourite books of all time!)! It's going to have tonnes of Lord of the Rings... Continue Reading →


Years, and years, and years, and years ago I read a fantasy book in my local library. I loved that book. I borrowed it repeatedly, but I have no idea what it was called, or who it was by. And... Continue Reading →

Swoon Reads

I'm just going to take a moment to talk about a website I found the other day. Swoon Reads is a website where you can upload your finished YA or NA manuscript of any genre. People can read it and... Continue Reading →

A will of their own

"Such an unmanageable heroine. She WILL do and say things I never meant her to" Many thanks to Anne Shirley of Avonlea fame for the above quotation. It's a problem which I face myself: my characters will insist upon changing... Continue Reading →


Out of all the subjects I do at the moment, there is no question that English is my favourite. I love physics and chemistry, and I need maths, but I adore English with a passion. There is just something so... Continue Reading →

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I'll come straight out and say it: if I had read the book, nothing would have convinced me to go into that cinema. As it was I spent large portions with my eyes closed and my ears blocked. It was... Continue Reading →

Theatre Review: A Room With a View

I won't deny that I loved it. I really did. I loved it from the bottom of my soppy little romance loving heart. Of course, I also won't deny that some of it was truly awful. Because that's true as... Continue Reading →

I am not a Nazi What do people judge me for? Where do you want me to begin? You judge me for my hobbies, my talents, my personality. You've never liked the violin. You can't get into fantasy—you never read. You don't understand how... Continue Reading →

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