You know, I think I’m going to enjoy English this year. Today’s lessons was surprisingly good fun for one about love, even if I did receive a comment from someone when the topic of celebrities came up. Like I’d ever say that out loud. It just wouldn’t happen. But we have to write love poems, so here is my contribution. Any advice would be much appreciated as it is quite rough.

I do not want to be a Juliet,
A pretty face behind a house laid low,
To be at thirteen: wedded, bedded, dead,Before the future has the chance to grow.
Nor would I be one of Guinevere’s line,
She who married then dallied—killed a king.
Who laid to rest legions of warriors fine,
For the pleasure a night with betrayal brings.
Or Helen, whose face launched a thousand ships,
Prize of the Gods and the start of the war.
Of bloodshed and honour and boys who once hit,
Then must go onwards to Hades’ shore.
In tales c’est une rêve which cannot but die,
As a battle fought hand in hand; side by side.