Since yesterday lunchtime, I have been busy. And there is only one thing to blame. On Saturday, my Dad bought a copy of The Guardian. On Sunday morning I got hold of the magazine and began to read. Or, more specifically, I read one article. It was an interview, which sparked an insatiable curiosity as to the exact nature of Poldark. Did anyone read that interview. If not you can find it online. I’m slightly ashamed to admit it, but there was one photo in it, which was particularly galvanising. I’ll leave that to you to guess which one.But yeah. Since then I have watched the whole of Season One (in preparation for Season Two which is coming out soon) as well as one film.

On that note: Swallows and Amazons is superb, and I encourage everyone to go and see it, if only because it is such a joy to watch. It made me feel like a child again (NB. I am only 16) and just cheered me up. In this gloomy season, with results looming, and school starting back up, we all need something to add a little cheer. Also, Andrew Scott’s in it, which has only served to remind me that oh my God Sherlock’s back next year! Yay! And I saw the trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for the first time in an actual cinema and now I want a wand. I sat there grinning like an idiot, but there is no shame in my adoration for what’s going to be one of my favourite trilogies (I can feel it in my bones).

In other news: I’m meeting up with a friend on Friday, to watch the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions back to back. If we’ve passed our exams it’s a celebration, if we’ve failed it’s a damned good way to console ourselves.