So I went on NCS this week, and it was great and I met some amazing people, but the kit list I was given is messed up. So here it is: what you really need for NCS.

  • A tea towel of your own: there were about three, and they were all soaking wet. It was not good.
  • Money: the leaders opened an informal tuck shop, so if you want chocolate, sweets and crisps, money is a must.
  • Pillow and roll mat: it’s camping, and nothing is supplied. Enough said.
  • Lots of spare socks: I can’t remember whether this was on the kit list, but I barely had enough, as I had to change them after every wet activity.
  • A sewing kit: I’m only kind of joking. In our tent we had an incident with a burst neck cushion which had to be held together with pegs.

I think that’s everything. Obviously a good temper and perseverance are a must. In other news, our leader was 17 years old. That’s scary.