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July 2016

A revised NCS kit list

So I went on NCS this week, and it was great and I met some amazing people, but the kit list I was given is messed up. So here it is: what you really need for NCS. A tea towel... Continue Reading →


A decent reading list

Thankfully my reading list for English Lit has turned out to be pretty decent all things considered. I was actually dreading it, but I've read three of them already, and five were on my reading list anyway. Expect reviews.

On the ‘Collectables’ shelf

I found this: in a charity shop. And my friends wonder why I love them so much. I can't find stuff like this anywhere else for a reasonable price, and this is just... Well: It pre-dates 1908! That makes it... Continue Reading →

Just sayin’

You need to watch The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition. I'm not joking. I thought it couldn't get any better, but it turns out that you haven't lived until you see Merry and Pippin dancing on a table in... Continue Reading →

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