I feel so pathetic. I’ve been watching The Hobbit, which in itself is not a pathetic thing to do. What is pathetic is the fact that I’ve been crying over moments which are not meant to be sad. I’ve bubbled over “I’m going on an adventure”, sobbed at the ending, and I was a mess at the beginning with old Bilbo and Frodo and oh-my-god-that’s-just-before-the-beginning-of-The-Fellowship-of-the-Ring-and-Frodo-hasn’t-changed-at-all. Sorry about that. Basically I’m a mess over what is arguably the least upsetting of all three films, and I was hoping to watch the others today as well. I may have to cross that off my to-do list. Just maybe. I’ll just go back to reading Wuthering Heights or something cheerful like that.