Regarding spam. I know that it’s a thing that I have to deal with. I get that, I honestly do. But really? Today I had four individual spam comments all offering ‘animal sex pics’. I know I shouldn’t necessarily trust the internet-I’m not stupid-but sometimes I just lose all faith. Yes this is foolish. Yes I am wasting my time complaining. Am I going to stop?


Because I don’t see why anyone should be subjected to going through their spam folder to delete four identical comments from four separate profiles. It’s too much. I don’t see why I should have to look through them just in case someone has posted a legitimate comment with a link in it (this has happened). I don’t see why I should be unable to trust the internet this much. Normally I find it invaluable useful with my writing, and with research in general, and yes, I have a fairly dodgy search history because of some of this research, but I have done nothing to deserve spam comments offering ‘animal sex pics’. Nothing.

So I’m going into my span settings, and I’m going to try and find a way of automatically deleting these messages, because I have reached the point where it isn’t even vaguely amusing. I don’t even raise my eyebrows any more. That’s how bad it’s got.