Are pretty men a thing? I mean, obviously they are…

…because obviously…

…but is it socially acceptable to say that a guy is pretty?

In western culture ( well-popular culture) we seem to like our men unpolished yet still (mostly) gentlemen, both in looks and behaviour. And it’s seen as demeaning to say that a guy is pretty.

Maybe it’s because pretty is such a feminine descriptor, Women can be handsome (although this is not always entirely complementary) but if you call a man pretty, you are reducing his masculinity.

And why?

For some men (see above) pretty is the only way I can think of to describe them, and yet I would be given strange looks if I then admitted to thinking that they may be attractive. This is entirely theoretical, because I can’t talk about this stuff in school or with family because I would be laughed out of the room. So now my secret celebrity crush is revealed (well… one of them). Yay.

But still…

Why is it so bad for guys to be pretty?