Serious question. I’ve just spent all afternoon doing Christian Ethics revision, and I think that it’s had a bad effect on my ability not to be sarcastic. I’ve been making facetious remarks regarding the ‘traditions of the Catholic Church’, and ‘can you believe that some denominations…?’ all afternoon, particularly regarding Christianity and Human Relationships. Hey-I’m a socially aware young woman, and I resent the idea that the only purpose of marriage is to have children. Also, regarding the role of women in society, I attended a revision session yesterday in which we had to read a thoroughly patronising and slightly condescending letter to women from Pope John Paul II, in which he thanks us for being sisters and daughters (as opposed, I guess, to being brothers and sons), and for ‘simply being women’ which I find to be somewhat ridiculous. I mean, most of us can’t help being female, and anyway, you don’t need a letter of thanks for an accident of birth. Worst of all, I think, was the paragraph thanking ‘women who work’ because no-one should be thanked for something that has been fought for.

Well that’s my piece said.