It’s a valid question. What even is the effing point? You put you’re entire heart and soul into producing a piece of writing, and not only is it cut off 500 word before the end, the paragraphs are messed up beyond recognition, and one of the sentences has been duplicated! Sorry.
The school magazine came out today, and I’ve got two pieces in it. That’s not the problem. The problem is shoddy editing and a complete lack of attention to the small amount of vanity which I allow myself. My first article appears to have been spell-checked to the point of ludicrousity, and the picture is one from three year ago and is painful to look at. I don’t consider myself to be vain, but I like to know that I don’t look like a shop mannequin with brown hair in my photographs. And it’s been enlarged, so it’s all out of focus, which is just stupid. Would it have hurt for them to take a picture in school, so that it would be both recent and decent? Apparently so.

That’s not what really pisses me off though.

That falls at the feet of whoever the bright person was who decided that it would be a good effing idea to simply copy and past with abandon from a Word document to a Publisher document. Without checking to make sure that the paragraphs stayed in the right place, and without checking to make sure that none of my sentences were repeated. I mean, you would think that pressing ‘enter’ would be pretty easy, but clearly I was wrong.

Sorry about that. I’ve actually very proud of the whole endeavour, it just hurts to put everything into something, and to get so little back.