I’m working on a set of poems for my friends for the end of the school year. The idea is that I write one poem for each of them, and then one for our friendship as a group. So far I’ve got three and a half, with one and a half to go, and I’m also doing some slide-show collages for school trips that we’ve been on. Anyway. This is the first of a series of poems for my friends:

Carbon Based

It feels fragile,
But it’s not.
Sometimes the purest diamond,
Looks as though it may splinter,
And fall out of existence.

I think of that,
And the strength.
Because, for the strongest,
Substance on earth, diamond looks,
As though it won’t last the hour.

But you can try,
To crush it.
And no matter what you do,
Diamond stays strong through everything,
Even through other diamonds.

It does not chip,
Or break down.
I like to think that my life,
Imitates geology,
Because neither of us break.