I’ve got a review published on 10,000 Book Reviews where (oddly enough) the aim is to collect 10,000 book reviews from various different people across the world, all less than 100 words long. I’m also posting the review on here, but if anyone else feels like doing a review, you can find more information here. It’s a great idea, and as there isn’t any limit on the number of reviews you can submit, I may do a couple more if I have the time.

10,000 Book Reviews

This started out fairly innocently -well, innocently compared
to the ending-but soon got creepier, with Rees creating a truly
spine-tingling coming of age story. So firmly based in reality that it was
hard to comprehend the other-worldliness in it, Soul Taker is a spooky,
anticipation-filled novel not for the f-f-faint of h-h-heart. Unfortunately
good doesn’t always win over evil, but thankfully I don’t think any of us
are likely to have our souls taken from us any time soon, so you can feel
quite safe reading it…

… for now…


Morgan, Writer,  Scratchings on the Page


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