I (foolishly) expressed an interest in buying violin solos from famous films in front of my sister, and later (even more foolishly) displayed disappointment, when I couldn’t find the track I wanted to play from Pirates of the Caribbean. This was foolish for two reasons:

1. My sister insisted on going through the entire soundtrack so that I could find out the name of the track. This in itself would not necessarily be a bad thing, but she followed it up with

2. Searching the names of various actors on Amazon, and clicking on the cardboard cut-outs. We now have a mixture of Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks and films, and a wide variety of Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp cardboard cut-outs on the ‘Recommended for you’ list. God only knows what my Dad’s going to say.

So yeah. Don’t mention anything vaguely interesting in front of siblings. It won’t turn out nicely.

I mean really. She could at least have searched for someone else-I’m not sure who, I just know that upon seeing the actors my Dad will blame me. Who would you search for?

On a side note: wouldn’t you want to play this song? It’s exactly the best type of song to play on violin!