Well actually I have several, not least upon which is my apparent inability to write in the past tense from a third person perspective, but that’s a totally different matter. Obviously, if anyone has any advice for the aforementioned problem, I would be very grateful, but that’s not why I’m writing frustrated blog posts when I should be revising. The problem I have at the moment is a little different.
I’m meant to be revising, but I’m finding it far more entertaining to write poetry and attempt to learn elvish Tengwar script. That last one does actually have a point to it, because I’m planning something for the end of exams which involves that, Harry Potter and a lot of gold ink, but the poetry is pointless, because I show no-one in real life what I’ve written. This is interchanged with glances at a Google search of ‘funny lord of the rings stuff’, because apparently I have nothing better to do with my time.
Oh. And to top it all off, I’ve had both my copy of The Merchant of Venice, and my library rights taken away, because I got caught reading it at midnight. So yeah. Life is b-e-a-utiful at the moment.