[ əˈlɑːm]


a sudden fear or distressing suspense caused by an awareness of danger; apprehension; fright.

verb (used with object)

to make fearful or apprehensive; distress

Pemphredo is the bell that sounds in your head when mischief is afoot. She is the one who whispers in your ear that all is not right. She is both good and bad; the poison and the antidote; the right and the wrong. She has no followers, for who follows the one who will alert both themselves and their victims to the danger. Who wants to wield a double edged sword like her, when they can worship Horror or Dread, who’s intents are clear. Who worships someone who can abandon you, at the critical moment, to an unseen danger. So she is alone, and she is therefore bitter. Bitter towards her sisters; bitter towards the human race; bitter towards the gods who create her. Pemphredo is unseen, unheard, unknown; not worshiped, yet depended on by all. Her mind is like the many heads of the Hydra, stretching out further than the eye can see, from the sisters’ cave at the centre of the earth; and once Alarm is present, the thoughts she plants in you are harder to destroy than the one head of the Hydra that is immortal. Only when the earth begins to move of its own accord, will her power be broken and she will die. Then the world will have lost a great thing, for this warning has saved as many lives as it has taken, and humans will do poorly without it. She supports all, and therefore has the support of all; for what is dread if you know not what you are dreading; how do you sack a city, if you know not what horrors to expect? When her time comes, she will cause strife in her sisters’ camps, and discord will spread like rumour in a crowded room.

That is her dream. She will push doubts into her sisters’ armies as they prepare for battle, causing chaos among them. Then she will release the Titans, and the world will be hers, to do with as she pleases. She will have no soldiers but the Titans, and they will be enough to protect her from the thousands of men her sisters will have. Her sisters will feel alarm, but will not know what it is for. They will know something is coming—but what will it be? They will have no way of knowing what will happen, and they will fear her and her power. Then they will come to her; they will lay down their weapons and surrender to her. That is her vision, and now there is nothing to stand in her way.