an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying, or revolting; a shuddering fear:


inspiring or creating Horror, loathing, aversion, etc.

Clad in saffron robes, splattered with blood, it is not hard to guess Enyo’s meaning. She is the giver of Horror, the Waster of Cities, and she delights in it. She has not the longing for death of her sister Dread, for each sister is plagued by her own meaning, and Enyo has no dread of the future to hold her back, just a horror of the present and of what has already happened. The horror of innocents is the sweetest of tastes, and she savours it whenever it is available, for as with their eye, the sisters share but one tooth between them. It does not help her feed on food, but on what her power causes, and she delights in this small freedom each day. It returns her power; power that will fade only when water leaps up a river and retreats to its source. And only when her power fades, will she die. Among her followers are the soldiers whose duty it is to sack great cities, for they—though they started off nobly—have in them the power to fill innocent hearts with horror. They pray to her, these warriors who hide their faces behind masks with the twisted features of the gorgons, and she gives them what they want, knowing that they are under her power only. The gods they also worship have not the power of the bloodlust she sends them, a little at a time, for it keeps them always longing for more.

She has no power over her sisters, though she longs for it dearly, never having known what it is like to have power over her equal. Her dreams are filled with a world where she commands an army of men, led by the Titans, who will roam the earth forever, destroying every city in their path. She would have ultimate power over them; to make them do her will constantly, for every hour of every day. She would grant them no reprieve, and they would not ask for it, because it is loyalty she would demand, and loyalty she would get. There would be no freedom until her ultimate goal is achieved. She will capture her sisters, and rule over them as Sovereign. That is her heart’s desire, and soon it will come to pass.