Yeah. I don’t normally do the whole fangirly squeal thing, but I can’t think of anything else to say. Well. I guess it’s been a long time coming. I literally just watched The Fellowship of the Ring, and yeah; I clearly hadn’t lived up until now! I’ve had a bunch (well three actually, everyone else thinks I’m nuts) of people in shock over the fact that up until recently I hadn’t watched Lord of the Rings.
But now I have.
Please leave now if you object to extreme fangirling and general craziness.
First: Arwen and Aragorn. It’s like a hugely better version of Romeo and Juliet, but obviously less tragic and upsetting for now. I mean, they’ve gone into the appendices and fished out the story and it’s just so brilliant I can hardly put it into words. Arwen is perfection in a character, and Aragorn is like Mr Darcy for me. It’s literally that level of awesomeness! Also; that moment between Aragorn and Boromir when Boromir’s going on about there being no hope left, and I’m just there like: ‘But he’s Estel. He is literally hope!’
My only criticism would be that the Watcher in the Water was a little overdone. I mean, it looked like a theme park ride. Not that I’m saying it wouldn’t make a great ride, it just seemed a little bit too much.
I cried when Gandalf fell, even though I knew he would come back. I cried when Boromir died, because he was a hero in the truest sense of the word, and I couldn’t help but forgive him for trying to take the Ring. I cried when Merry and Pippin made a distraction so that Frodo could get away, because they knew what the risks were, but they still did it. And when Sam nearly drowned; I know exactly why they did that. It was probably the one thing Frodo wouldn’t refuse, because that’s how his parents died, and he would do anything to save Sam from that fate.
On a side note; don’t you just love Merry and Pippin?
So I’m going to end this in the only way possible after the above monstrosity:
You shall not pass

(…Without liking and commenting, because I really need to know whether I’ve got a problem.)