I’m a little bit sad, and a little bit obsessed. This is not a pity post. I’ve been doing character quizzes on Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and I’ve been consciously trying to get certain characters. Don’t judge; I got sick of being told I was Thorin, because awesome as he is/was, I kind of wanted to Tauriel. Anyway. Tauriel aside, I’ve been able to get pretty much any character that I want based on the answers I pick, and I’m actually a bit worried. I can’t help but feel that once you’ve reached the point where you can be any character you want, you’re too far in. And bear in mind I’ve never actually seen the LOTR films. So um yeah. This was pathetically short, and I would estimate that maybe no-one will read it because it’s oddly specific for a writing blog, but here you go. It is what it is.