I don’t really know what to say about this. Maybe I’ll just dedicate it and leave a message:
This one’s for Akari. It didn’t work out, but I don’t regret our friendship.

Five since I met you,
Since we first became friends.
I was lonely—so lonely—
No security,
All fears.
A ray of light,
Brightening eyes,
Without the shine of tears.

Four since we moved up,
Since summer came to an end.
We thought it would work—no problems—
School rivalries,
Not ours.
We’d keep in touch,
Wouldn’t take much,
No need for it to sour.

Three since the bracelets,
Since the last time that we met.
Each bead held meaning—you told me—
Blown glass: we’re unique,
Leaves: who knows?
Red, yellow, white, black,
The colours of our flags,
Silver filigree, fragile: there for looks.

Two since that fatal phone call,
Since I was ‘accidentally blocked’.
I tried—I really did—
Texts unanswered,
No calls.
Distance grew,
Bitterness too,
Never picked up, let it fall.

One since I passed you,
Since neither of us said “hello”.
I cried when I got home—alone in my room—
It’s not coming back,
It’s lost.
Tears fell,
Eyes tell,
Of the friendship, and the cost.