terror or apprehension as to something in the future; great fear.


held in awe or reverential fear.

She’s been grey for as long as she can remember, from the moment of her birth, and will be until the moment of her death. When death comes at last, a sweet release from the dark world she lives in, time will reverse itself, to an era that has never been before. When death comes at last, the darkness that surrounds her will fade, and light will blossom. When death comes at last, her crooked back will straighten, her hair will fade from grey to black, and her cheeks will bloom with the delicate pink of the youth that she was denied. But that will not happen yet. Not until her part on the stage of the world is over, will she be allowed to take her bow to the gods, and that will not be until the day when the sun rises in the west. She has seen many things through the eye she shares with her sisters in darkness—though it is only a third of what could have been seen, had the fates been kinder—and much of it is black as the night which offers protection to her worshippers. The thieves and murderers of earth look to Deino to fill their targets with Dread when they feel the whisper of a pickpocket’s breath on their neck, and the deafening silence of the murderer as he follows them. Their service pleases her, for they embody her on earth, in a form that does not arouse suspicion, and they carry out her will.

But this is not enough for her. She longs for a world that fears her above her sisters, above even the gods themselves, in which she is queen of all. In her mind, it would be a dark world, where the stars would fail to cast but the dimmest light on the earth. She would not chose to keep the Titans below the earth, but she would make them her guard, to protect her from the horror and alarm that would constantly haunt her. She would pay them in release from dread, just one moment’s freedom in a day filled with dread that she would cause. That is her dream, and soon she will begin to make it real.