This actually happened last year, but a recent post has kicked me into action, so I want to do this. On September 9th 2015, I went with my family to Cardiff, on the day of the Wales vs. Israel football match. We met up with thousands of others outside the City Hall at 2pm, and even at the start the atmosphere was amazing. Just the idea of being with so many people with the same beliefs as me was enough to make me want to start immediately, without waiting for everyone else to arrive. I signed a petition on the way back from the bins, and got a badge in return which I now wear proudly on my school uniform-much to dismay of my teachers, because it has in very clear writing the words: ‘Socialist Worker’.

And of course we started. Before anyone moved, we had speeches-I’m ashamed to admit that I can’t remember who the speakers were, just that I agreed with everything-and we practised some chants and songs. Obviously no amount of practice could have made us chant in time, so when we began to move, we had about fifty different groups all chanting different chants at different times! Despite this small hurdle-we never did end up in sync, but it got a bit better-we marched through Cardiff with pride, chanting all the way. The sense of community was amazing, and even though I only knew four other people there, I have never felt more at home than I did then. I had a banner, which I now keep in the corner of my bedroom, and I kind of wish I could get it out again and go a-chanting and a-marching once more.

Once we got to the grounds, we assembled about 100m away from the small number of Israel supporters who had come go against us. With a 3:1 ratio on our favour, it’s hardly surprising that we dwarfed them, and you couldn’t help but be hugely relieved that the opposition that we faced personally was so small. Obviously in reality there is a huge amount of opposition the the Palestinian support movement, but hopefully with (not too much) time it will die down and we will finally win.

Overall I would say that it was an experience which I can hardly put into words, and if you ever have to opportunity to go to a demonstration, do so.

You will not regret it.