When I wrote it this was my longest story, and even now it’s up there in the top five. I have a long standing obsession with Greek mythology, and when the opportunity came up, I decided to write about some of the least known figures I could think of. The Grey Sisters are best known for being the women who Perseus stole from in order to find the location of Medusa, but they have been distorted hugely, so I feel the need to clear this up now: I am not writing about the Fates of Greek mythology, so please don’t expect there to be scissors or looms or anything like that.

I’m going to be uploading this in several parts, and then after that you’ll be able to read the entire thing in a folder which I will be sorting out shortly. So, without further ado: Graeae!





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Deino, Enyo and Pemphredo. Dread, Horror and Alarm. They are the Graeae; the Grey Sisters. As old as the hills, they are, yet they have known no aging; not the innocence of childhood, nor the impulsivity of youth. They know only the unchanging darkness of the blind, and the wisdom of those who have lived beyond the years allocated for them by the Moirai; the fates who control life and death in a way that not even the mightiest, nor the most cunning of the gods can dare to dream of. The Graeae have dabbled in witchcraft and sorcery, in necromancy and in devilry, and now they are at their most powerful. They will cause war and famine and disaster in all four corners of the earth, from the depths of Hades and Tartarus, to the peak of Mount Olympus and the highest point of the sky, where the Titan Atlas bears the weight of the world on his shoulders. Then the heavens will cry in sorrow at the wasteland that the earth has become, for the Titans shall be released, and the war that has long raged between the Gods and their parents, shall continue forever more; an endless battle between the imperfect and the monstrous; the protectors and the tormentors.